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The History of the USS Cobbler (SS344)

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Launching of the Cobbler, April 1,1945 at the Electric Boat Co. Groton, Conn.

Plankowners of the Cobbler (SS-344)

Circa April 1945. Facing the photograph on the left side, Thomas Watson Duckworth is the first person on the next to last line of men. A man with a sailor hat is standing beside him on the right.

Mustached Cobbler (SS-344) crew, circa April 1945.

President Harry Truman departing the Cobbler (SS-344) after his visit to the sub base at Key West, Florida on November 18, 1946.

LTJG N.N. Flynn cutting a Cobbler submarine cake for LTC Robert H. Harwood Birthday party. Circa 1953

Cobbler at sea with a Lockheed SP-2H Neptune in the foreground.

The Ship: U.S.S. Cobbler SS344

In Philadelphia Navy Yard for battery job 1960

Thanks to  Al Gotsch for the 1963 Cruise items:

Front of a pamplet provided to the crew

1963 cruise to the Med

The boat coming into Malta

A brief history of the Submarine Service and the Cobbler in a letter from the captain to the folks back home.

Letter from Capt. Weidman to the folks back home - page 1

Page 2

In Brindisi, Italy 1967

( Pictures were taken by Thomas Pigott, who was stationed with the US Air Force at San Vito

dei Normanni Air Station in southern Italy from February, 1967, to August, 1968)

Thank you Thomas.

"We were given a courtesy tour, my first and only time on a submarine", writes Thomas.

The Italian Monument to Fallen Sailors can be seen across the harbor.

Look for the silhouette in the lower right side of the picture in front of the International Hotel


U.S.S. Cobbler:    1973 Decommissioning



Current available pictures of the USS Cobbler