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Swearing in of Richard W. Everson by Captain Hayes -1956

Award Ceremony of Harold Garland

Another picture of the award ceremony.

Chuck MacArthur ET2 (SS) 1960

David Benton CSI (SS) Lead

Joe Funk TM2(SS)1960

Red Rice TM1(SS) Forward torpedo room lead PO 1960

Topside forward-Lt Bob Schlomer Red Rice 1960

Crew Shopping for next cruise

Boat Party

Picture taken on April 8th, 1967 in the Blue Bird Club, USO, Naples, Italy.

Lt front: Harold Garland (EN3), Lt Back: Fred Russell (TMSN), Rt Front: Cotton Philpp (Army Buddy), Rt Back: Eugene Keys (EM3)

Officers of the USS Cobbler

From Left to right: LTJG N.N. Flynn (Operations), LT C. Couture, JR (Electronic/Communications), LCDR H.P. McNeal (Commanding Officer), LT W.C. Amick, JR (Executive Officer/Navigator), LTJG W.S. McGrath (Supply/Commissary)

Berard Blum

ET2 (SS)

May 1952

Connie Eiban, Billy "Mac" Prather, Bill Exum

Circa 1952

Lt. Purintan, Billy Prather and Tom Unwin (kneeling)

Billy Exum, Don Bice and Art Divens

Bill Jacobson, John Hoppes and Ricker

Front: Connie Eiban and C.L. Doyle. Back: Unknown, Rauch,Chatterton, Burnham, Lambert and Moore.

July 1956

Taken at Norfolk VA.

H. Jack (Gunner) Waite, being piped ashore after 23 years of service.

Francis Herron

Fishing off Key West.

Key West: Bill Exum, Don Bice, Miller and Duke Nordby.

Ralph Brown receiving his Dolphins from the Capt.

William Duff FT3(SS)

Joe Ioffredo on the Cobbler May, 1967. The guy next to him is Mike McConnell.

Courtesy of Jim Chaisson

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Our Thanks goes out to Art Stapleton for the following pictures that he provided for the site:

1946 - 1948


The Crew May 1947

The following pictures were provided by Carl (Baldy) Baldwin

From left to right:

TM3(SS)Myricks, Nick Hryniw, QM1(SS)Talkington, William "Gunther" Magsam,

The following pictures were provided by Phil Munvez.  Taken in the Caribbean in 1968

From Pete Ruf - More on the Caribbean cruise:

Swim Call

(l-r) EM2(SS) Seymour “Sea Whore” Johnston, STS2(SS) Ed “Sherm” Sherman, EM2(SS) Vincent “Kris” Krisulevicz, ENC(SS) Frank Theroux, Unidentified, Unidentified, TM3(SS) Ken “Fern” Fernalld

Magens Bay, St. Thomas, USVI, Spring 69

(l-r) LT(jg) Patrick Francis Edward Temple-West, TM2(SS) Benedict “Ski” Andruski, MM3(SS) Pete Ruf, STS2(SS) Ed “Sherm” Sherman

San Juan , PR, Spring 69

(l-r)EN2(SS) Gary “Pitt” Pittman and LT Tim Hartnett

From Ken Fernalld

Ken And Meeley

Our Thanks to Josh Violette for the great pictures - Med Cruise '69

The following pictures were provided by  Joseph F. Kaiser  

344 Sea Trial

Dophin Pinning

Front Row from Left

Landry HMC (SS), Rowe GM3 (SS), Bright TM2 (SS), Turner CS2 (SS), LtCdr. P.J. Fullenwider (SS) - C.O., Batts EN2 (SS), Kaiser TM1 (SS), Walker FT1 (SS), Hitchcock EM1 (SS)

Back Row from Left

Zaremba ENCA (SS), Coye YN3 (SS), Brock RM1 (SS), Burton EN1 (SS), Bloomer TM2 (SS), Gilbert IC2 (SS), Jones MM1 (SS), Thomas EM2 (SS), Quinn EMCS (SS), Bateman QMCA (SS)

Dolphin Pinning on the Bow

Being towed - XO, COB, Kaiser

Training Tank



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